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  • 04/05/2018 1:13 PM
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    We have been planning on installing new equipment at our ballfields playground to create a "playscape" on the premises. It is a small area and we want to utilize naturally based equipment (wood equipment) vs plastic or metal to really emphasize the natural landscape. Additionally, our local elementary school has a very nice, traditional playground which is located right down the road so it makes more sense for us to have something different at the fields. 

    Anyway, after the March vote, we have our money available and need to turn in our final equipment purchase plan. We have been looking at Natural Playground Company out of Concord but we need to provide equipment lists from a couple other companies.  We're hoping to have a community build in late spring or early summer utilizing volunteers so we're finalizing our action steps now with the municipality.

    So my questions: 

    1. Does anyone have suggestions of other playscape/playground suppliers in the general area (NH, southern Maine). Prefer those that provide wood-based products but we're in the assumption that may not possible so any close-by companies would be great.

    2. Does anyone have any insights on playscapes? Have you installed any in your locations? Our constituents and my commissioners are generally excited about the new direction but we're always open to advice, insights etc.


    Nichole - New Durham Rec

  • 04/05/2018 1:27 PM
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    I should also mention - since our pieces are made of wood, some of them may very well be able to be constructed by local craftspeople. We have a local crafter making a checker/chessboard table and benches for the design. So, if you know anyone like that, let me know. I could always send them our list of items to see if they'd be interested. 

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