Seasonal Staff Hiring Policy

  • 05/03/2018 9:57 AM
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    Hey everybody,

    We are looking to develop/refine our hiring policy-- specifically for our seasonal positions. We're especially having difficulty (or at least differing of opinions) on things like volunteers, and minimum age for hiring employees (largely due to the DoL differences thereof.) Does anybody have one they'd be willing to share, or at least have specific sections on these two topics that they'd be willing to share with me for reference and something to build on?

    I understand if you don't want to respond directly to the thread. If you'd prefer, my email is


    Matt Palmer

    Program Director, Town of Hinsdale 

  • 06/01/2018 5:00 PM
    Reply # 6280850 on 6131207

    Hi Matt:  

    Was curious if you'd received any responses to your inquiry regarding seasonal hiring policy.  And, if so, would you be willing to share?


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